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About North Shore LAW

North Shore LAW® is an association of experienced women lawyers with offices in the northern suburbs of Chicago. North Shore Law attorneys are dedicated to providing personalized attention to their  clients. The attorneys offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

North Shore Law members provide legal services to clients in a wide range of practice areas. When you hire a North Shore Law attorney, you have the added benefit of her access to the legal expertise of all other North Shore Law members. 

Members of North Shore LAW at the Art Institute

Why Choose a North Shore Law Attorney?

When you are looking for an attorney, you may be under stress, in transition, in conflict, injured, or just anxious to purchase the home or business of your dreams. You are on the precipice of forging a relationship with a professional that you need to trust for some part of your future.

Connecting with a North Shore Law attorney gives you the security of working with a leading attorney who understands your needs and offers exceptional legal representation.

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