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Webinar: How the Supreme Court’s Recent Retaliation Ruling (Nassar) Promotes Effective Performance Management

Aug 11, 2013 | Employment, News

Last month, SCOTUS handed employers a major victory that will curb the rising tide of RETALIATION claims and allow employers to manage performance without fear of them. Just last year, the EEOC took in more retaliation charges than any other kind. Before this recent SCOTUS decision, retaliation claims were easy (perhaps too easy), often just boiling down to the amount of TIME between a “protected activity” and an “adverse employment action.”. As Justice Kennedy observed, however, this lenient causation standard could prompt an employee to raise discrimination/harassment allegations in response to discipline or performance counseling as a perceived immunity from discharge; no doubt, discrimination and harassment allegations often stop employers in their performance management tracks. This webinar will discuss the implications of SCOTUS’ Nassar decision on everyday personnel and performance management decisions, focusing on performance rehabilitation practices that get results and reduce employers’ legal risks.

EEO Legal Solutions is delighted to team up with JodiEisenstadt, Esq., SPHR of Employment Practices Solutions to address the impact of SCOTUS’ Nassar decision on everyday performance management and disciplinary decisions.  This webinar will also outline an effective performance management process that gets results and minimizes risk, and provide tools to conduct “conversations for accountability” with under performing employees.

The webinar will be held on August 21, 2013 starting at 10am MDT (12pm for our East Coast friends) To register, follow this link